Scientifically developed to prevent bicycle wheel punctures, MONKEY’S SAUCE provides the best ratio of durability to repair capability.

MONKEY’S SAUCE and its high quality, low viscosity latex covers the sidewalls of the tire for a faster seal, spreads easily and does not unbalance the wheel. It is successfully used in cyclocross, road and mountain biking at all levels, from recreational to professional. Ride in the most extreme conditions and temperatures

Thanks to its immediate sealing action, MONKEY’S SAUCE is ideal for mountain bike, tubeless road, tubular and standard tires. MONKEY’S SAUCE repairs punctures up to 6mm for mountain and road bikes. MONKEY’S SAUCE canalso be used as a preventive measure for inner tubes.

MONKEY’S SAUCE air sealant can also be used for tubeless & tubular bicycle tires, wheelbarrows, AVTs, lawnmowers, tractors, carts, truck tires, scooters and more.

Also suitable for all valves with removable valve shells.