The Monkey Degreaser quickly and safely removes oil, grease, dirt and other contaminants from metal, plastic, rubber, etc.
Can be used on all types of chains, chainrings, derailleurs, components and bearings. It makes cleaning faster and easier.
Monkey degreaser evaporates quickly to leave a dry finish.

Regular use when cleaning will help prevent transmission deterioration. This ensures higher performance for longer.
Less cleaning time means more time on the bike!
Quickly and effectively removes grease, dust, etc.
Can be used on all types of materials, rubber, metal, plastic, carbon, etc.
Also on all components of your bike (chain, derailleur, chainring, bearings, etc.)
Cleans down to the smallest grease residue, even waterproof.
Notice :
Shake product before use.
Apply to desired areas.
Let it work for a few minutes.
Use a brush or rag to scrub away stubborn grease, grime and other contaminants.
Rinse with clean water and let dry or wipe with a clean cloth.