MONKEY PRODUCTS is a complete range of bicycle maintenance products. From washing to protection to lubrication, we have only one objective: to drive more!
That’s why we have developed our own formulas for each of our products. Effective, they are not aggressive to your bike and considerably increase the life of its components.
Thanks to our sealant, preventive anti-puncture liquid, you will no longer enter the rim.
Wash and shine your bike with our shampoo and its unique formula.
Combined with our degreaser, remove grease, oil, dirt and all accumulated contaminants.
Improve your braking sensation now with our brake cleaner and find a precise and efficient braking.
A coat of Bike Shine on your frame or suspension protects against mud and moisture and shines.
To ensure optimal pedaling we have lubricants designed to face all types of conditions and thus increase the durability of your transmission.


We also think about your equipment with the FOAM, which cleans and perfumes your shoes, helmet and protection.
The range would not be complete without RAD, our top of the range scratch and impact protection film.


Maintaining your bike has never been easier, riding longer has never been so accessible!