The Monkey Ultimate Dry lubricant has been thought and designed to accompany you on long summer rides in the dust.
It is a high-end, long-lasting lube that penetrates deeply and quickly thanks to its oil composed of ceramic nanoparticles and its four types of waxes.

Our unique formula thoroughly cleans your chain, removing dirt and grime and replacing it with a blend of oil and waxes. It also offers excellent protection against corrosion, wear and tear and greatly reduces friction.

Ideal for mountain biking, road, cyclo-cross, BMX, etc.
e-Bike compatible.

Our Ultimate Dry lubricant is our most advanced dry weather formula. Its fourth wax ensures a higher durability and its ceramic nanoparticles promote lubrication.

Ensures smooth and quiet gear changes.
Ideal for dry weather.
Reduces friction.
Additional protection against dirt and grime.
Pipette system for easy application.
Offers protection against wear and tear.
Ideal for mountain biking, road & cyclo-cross, BMX, etc.
e-Bike compatible.

Notice :
Degrease the transmission completely before applying lubricant.
Make sure the chain is dry.
Apply a moderate amount of lubricant to the inner links of the chain while turning the cranks in the opposite direction.
Make sure you have processed all parts of the chain.
Wipe off any excess lubricant with a cloth.
Apply the lubricant 4 or 5 hours before your outing for optimal use.