MONKEY Wax Dry is a chain lubricant for occasional use, composed of 3 different types of waxes. Ideal for dust control, it provides deep lubrication and prevents dust from attaching to the chain.

Its anionic structure allows it to reach a negative polarity and thus to have a greater attraction to the metal (chain).

Ensures smooth and quiet gear changes.
Reduces friction.
Repels dust.
Excels in dry conditions.
Pipette system for easy application.
Offers protection against wear and tear.
Ideal for mountain biking, road & cyclocross, etc.
e-Bike compatible.
Notice :
Degrease the transmission completely before applying lubricant.
Make sure the chain is dry.
Apply a moderate amount of lubricant to the inner links of the chain while turning the cranks in the opposite direction.
Make sure you have processed all parts of the chain.
Wipe off any excess lubricant with a cloth.
Apply the lubricant 4 or 5 hours before your outing for optimal use.