Monkey super FOAM +5L shampoo


Wash faster! You can increase the power of our cleaner tenfold with the SUPER FOAM:
Better dirt removal due to more intensive foam action.

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A sprayer reserved for professionals, used in the most demanding industries, it is finally available for your customers.

The SUPERFOAM allows for a quicker washing of the bikes. Its technology is proprietary and unique. It activates the cleaning power of shampoo like no other spray.

First of all the mixture:
It is really the air/shampoo mixture that activates the cleaning agents and changes the structure of the foam.
Thicker, it clings to the surface of the components to be cleaned and acts more quickly.

And finally the spraying:
This is the best compressed air sprayer on the market with its fan-shaped nozzle offering a very large spray area.

How to use it?
Fill the SUPERFOAM to 0.75cl with Monkey’s SHAMPOO, then pump about ten times. Spray the foam on the surfaces to be cleaned. And proceed with your usual washing ritual.

In summary:
The SUPERFOAM can cover a bike in one pass, it projects a thick and dense foam that activates the shampoo.
Save time with the SUPERFOAM.